What is therapy? | What to expect from therapy

What is therapy? Many people have this idea that therapy involves laying on a couch with a therapist asking you all sorts of random and crazy questions. Therapy is where you hire someone to work with you on your problems. Therapy is about helping you process your emotions and responses in a healthy and productive way. Behavioral counseling can be especially helpful for children–especially if your child has difficulty opening up, has experienced trauma, or a specific diagnosis that makes communication difficult.

Therapy is an important component of treatment for children with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, trauma, and Autism with many therapist recommending family counseling too.

What to expect from therapy? Therapist are trained to help a client deal with specific symptoms which allows the person to move forward which creates resiliency. Talking about problems without a course of action actually can make problems worse.

If your child needs therapy, may wonder how to pick a therapist? Finding the right therapist will be an important component in helping your child as your child might not connect with all therapist. Part of finding the right therapists is having the right questions to ask a therapist. Important questions include: what type of growth do you envision in the next three months? What is the game plan if growth isn’t happening? How will you connect with my child? How much information about their progress will I get from you? What skills will you be teaching them?

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