Parent child with RAD | Power of Praise

RAD kids have unique challenges, but it is possible to connect and parent child with RAD. Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder struggle to form relationships with parents or caregivers. This lack of connection is manifested in not seeking out comfort when distressed or engaging in social interactions.


All parents should learn how to give their children appropriate praise, but it is especially important for those with attachment difficulties. The behavior skill of Effective Praise is effective in showing you how to give praise that is clear and concise. Instead of general or vague praise that can confuse your son or daughter. The Effective Praise skill video shows you the difference between general and specific praise. When children receive specific praise they can connect it with their good behavior, and that builds their self-esteem. Don’t underestimate the power of praise. There is power in praise, especially for children with RAD, and can facilitate healing.

Focus on praising children’s efforts, even if it is small. This can be hard to remember/do, especially when your child is acting up, which is why it’s so important to commit the steps to memory and use it often. Each time you praise your child, you are building that relationship. Praising your child will have a greater impact on changing their negative behavior than focusing or pointing out their behavior will. It will be the best thing you can do to build your relationship and help your child lead a full and productive life.

Children have an excellent ability to figure out if praise is genuine or not. None-genuine praise contributes to the barriers already in place. To break down those barriers, you will need to praise often and make it authentic. The more your child can see that you notice and acknowledge the good they are doing, the easier it is for them to open up to you. When they can create a bond with you that will improve their overall feelings of self-worth. This allows the child to see that there is value in your relationship.

For children with RAD, the skill of Effective Praise goes hand in hand with the behavior skill of Effective Communication.

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