How Smarter Parenting uses the Teaching-Family Model

The goal of Smarter Parenting is to help heal and elevate families by providing parental guidance using the evidence-based Teaching-Family Model. For more information about the power of the Teaching-Family Model and Smarter Parenting’s mission, we invite you to visit our website.

The Teaching-Family Model has been around for over 60 years and has given parents positive parenting solutions for a better family life. The Teaching-Family Model has been used by agencies all over the world to help parents regain control by teaching behavior skills. The behavior skills of the Teaching-Family Model has helped thousands and thousands and thousands of children learn to live healthy and productive lives.

Smarter Parenting has taken the Teaching-Family Model and has created free online parenting classes that can be used by parents worldwide. For each behavior skill found on Smarter Parenting, parents will also find worksheets, printouts, and game and activities. Everything that you would need to be effective in teaching a skill to your child.

When parents want their child to learn something they usually lecture them. Lecturing is not an effective for children to learn. Games and Activities are one of the best ways for a child to learn a new skills as games and activities help contribute to a child’s development and their ability to internalize what they are being taught.

The benefits of using the behavior skills of Smarter Parenting are endless. Smarter Parenting will help your child know how to make better decisions. Smarter Parenting will help your child know how to follow instructions and do things the first time asked. Smarter Parenting will help your child now how to act in any situation reducing poor behaviors and tantrums. Smarter Parenting will help parents better communicate with your child and strengthen your relationships. Smarter Parenting will help parents remove the emotion and anger from heated situations. Smarter Parenting will help children understand that consequences are results of behavior. Smarter Parenting will show you how to change behavior through praise.

Visit Smarter Parenting and learn the behavior skills of the Teaching-Family Model today!

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