Ikea’s best packaged and frozen foods


Amassing napkins, tea lights and random pieces of glassware (don’t make me explain, just enjoy the options when I’m making you a cocktail) is my standard strategy for trips to Ikea. (That and the staple soft ice cream cone I ravage while raging around the parking lot looking for my car.)

image of blue ikea bag
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But when interest in Ikea’s elderflower syrup peaked during royal wedding fever back in 2018, I finally took a look around Ikea’s food market and realized I’d been missing out. And don’t confuse the market with the restaurant, where, exhausted, you gratefully collapse into a steaming plate of meatballs. The market sells prepared foods you can take home, everything from drinks to preserves, candy and frozen dishes, all based on Swedish recipes and traditions.

Fantastisk, right?  But it gets better, because Ikea has committed to supporting an ethical supply chain with their food products (such as responsible sourcing for fish, meeting standards for sustainable farming and fair working conditions when it comes to coffee and cocoa).

So without further ado, go forth and add these goodies to your giant, indestructible blue Ikea bag.  Here are the best packaged and frozen food items at Ikea Canada.

Ikea chicken meatballs

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