Do you like magic tricks? What about learning how to do them yourself? This is how you can even start your own magic show! In this video, you can find a truckload of incredible tricks and ideas that can turn even the most boring day into an incredible adventure! Watch this tutorial video, learn new things and don’t stay bored (spoiler: you may want to repeat all the crafts and ideas from this video). Don’t forget to call your friends and let’s start the show!

Orbeez are very cool to play with. You can use it for making things “levitate”! We used a little figure, placed it into a transparent vase and filled it with hydrogel, added water and voila! The toy “flies”!

There are easy tricks with ice. You can make amazing caramel sculptures using a bowl of ice. Just pour caramel into the bowl of ice and let it get solid! You only have to be careful because caramel is very hot.

There are many impressive physical tricks in this video. You can make awesome DIY magic performances using very simple objects and materials. For example, you can make a cool trick with forks and corks, or with a hairdryer and a ping pong ball. Watch the video for full tutorials.

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make amazing 3D illusions. You can draw them yourself or make paper sculptures. Check out that crazy Rubic’s cube. It always surprises me.


1:18 – Disappearing plastic cups
2:36 – Magic sand
4:40 – Crazy physical tricks
7:25 – Hairdryer magic
9:21 – 3D drawings
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